We would like to take off that 20-year old motivational poster frame by Ansel Adams (nothing against Ansel Adams) in your offices and replace it with our own (and definitely more iconic) motivational posters with arts and photographs of ACTUAL LOCAL & LIVING ARTISTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS in the area near you. This means supporting local artists and photographers in our community!

Our Motivational Posters are printed on museum quality Canson paper.
·      Image Size: 16 X 20
·      Matted on Extreme White Core Papermat (19 3/4 X 23 3/4)
·      Framed on American Hardwoods- Ebonized Walnut Canvas Floater (19 3/4 X 23 3/4)
·      Printed on a Canson Photo Matte Paper
·      Standard Acrylic AAS
·      Standard Mounting Board MTBS
·      Dry Mounting Service
CHARACTER.  Like a rock, it can take time.
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